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See what others are saying about TCG and its products!

Roger Placzek, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, deBoer Transportation

Benjamin Cook, President, Tradewinds

Jenny West, CFO, R.E. West Transportation

Dave Fulawka, Manager of Business Development, Bison Transport

Rod Smith, Director-Planning & Analysis, Central Freight Lines

"Working with your group has been a pleasure every step of the way. I have worked with other software companies and the norm is to wait years for requested enhancements. Your quick responsiveness, along with your high level of expertise and your smiling voices has been very refreshing to work with."

John P. Burton, VP-Marketing & External Affairs, SCS Transportation

"Although both of our subsidiaries (SAIA and Jevic) have had ongoing relationships with TCG, this was my first opportunity to get a good feel for the "inner workings" of your system. I was very impressed with the overall functionality and your company’s desire to constantly seek out user suggestions for improvements."

J. Wes Frye, Sr. VP-Finance & CFO, Old Dominion Freight Lines

"We use TCG’s CIS heavily and depend on it. Our effective yield management is based on CIS."

Frank Myers, President, Westex, a Yellow Corporation Company

"The results of our first rate negotiation using TCG’s CIS provided enough increased revenues to pay for it."

Billy Hupp, VP-Sales, Estes Express Lines

(Regarding the TCG CIS customer profitability report by sales representative)

"It makes the producers happy and the non-producers motivated to become producers or leave"

Jon Shevell, Executive Vice-President, New England Motor Freight

"Our TCG costing system is the most important thing for us. To move freight at a loss is suicidal."

Kevin Avery, Director of Pricing, Motor Cargo, Inc.

"Carl & Brian had nothing but rave reviews about the user group meeting. I apologize for not being able to make it."

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