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Transportation Consulting Group, Inc. was created in 1982 on the premise that managers of freight transportation companies would place great value on a service that helped them operate their business more efficiently, more competitively and more profitably. The initial service that we designed and developed was a sophisticated, activity-based individual shipment cost model that enabled Less Than Truckload (LTL) motor carriers to function successfully in the then newly deregulated environment.

Time has proven that our premise was correct. We have gone on to continually enhance and broaden the applications of our initial system, and have expanded our software offerings to other products including truckload and LTL loaded-to-ride cost models and auto-rating as an integral part of the costing process. In July 2000 we changed our name to Transportation Costing Group, to reflect our specialization.

Our clients include some of the most highly respected names in the freight transportation industry. References are available upon request.

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