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Bison Transport Implements Transportation Costing Group’s Cost Information System (CIS)

Bethesda, MD. “Bison Transport of Winnipeg, Manitoba has selected and implemented TCG’s TL/CIS® Activity-Based Costing System” announced Ken Manning, President of TCG. TL/CIS is the version of CIS designed to accommodate irregular route carriers – Truckload, LTL and bulk.

Bison is a dry-van truckload carrier operating nearly 600 tractors, 75 percent company-owned, and 1200 trailers. Since 1991 they have provided superior service, safety and stability throughout Canada and the United States. They are one of Canada’s most trusted trucking operations.

Mike Ludwick, Vice President – Information Systems said: "Although TCG's Activity Based Costing System is still new to us, we are already seeing it contribute to our effectiveness. It has helped us rationalize some of our existing lanes and determine areas for improvement. We have even used the information to successfully support our customer negotiations on rate, mix of freight and timing of shipments. TCG has made a high level commitment to us and we've been experiencing the benefits of that relationship. We've just started but we see great potential for this system to be an excellent contributor to our bottom line."

Transportation Costing Group is the provider of the most widely used suite of Activity-Based Costing models to the motor carrier industry. TCG provides models tailored to specific carriers in LTL, LTL loaded-to-ride, dry van TL, flatbed, reefer and tank truck operations. Information on the Activity-Based Costing Models and services offered by TCG can be obtained by contacting Ken Manning at (800) 328-9700, or by visiting the TCG web site at

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