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Transportation Costing Group Interfaces with TMW Systems

Bethesda, MD, Transportation Costing Group (TCG) announces the recent license and implementation of its Cost Information System (CIS) to two TMW carriers: Barr-Nunn Transportation Company of Granger, Iowa and Bison Transport of Winnipeg, Manitoba. In addition, TMW has created a software script with which to create the files needed by TL/CIS significantly reducing the resources and time to implementation. TL/CIS is the version of CIS designed to accommodate irregular-route carriers – Truckload, LTL and Bulk.

Ken Manning, President of TCG stated “We are not only pleased to have Barr-Nunn and Bison as clients but we are delighted to partner with TMW to make the implementation of CIS at PowerSuite users a vastly easier task. This has great benefits to all concerned: PowerSuite users, TMW and TCG.

Jeff Tratner, Vice President, Marketing at TMW Systems added…………

Founded in 1982 Transportation Costing Group is the provider of the most widely used suite of Activity-Based Costing models to the motor carrier industry. TCG provides models tailored to specific carriers in LTL, LTL loaded-to-ride, dry van TL, flatbed, reefer and tank truck operations. Information on the Activity-Based Costing Models and services offered by TCG, can be obtained by contacting Ken Manning at (800) 328-9700, or by visiting the TCG web site at

Founded in 1983, TMW Systems is a leading developer and integrator of enterprise management software for the transportation industry. The company currently serves more than 500 trucking industry clients of all types and sizes. It’s products help transportation and logistics companies leverage the technologies of their choice to easily collect, analyze and manage productivity and superior customer service.

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