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Virtually every LTL shipment is a unique combination of weight, pieces, density, origin and destination, susceptibility to loss and damage, handling requirements and other factors -- factors that make averages meaningless. Such shipment cost variances must be properly accounted for if carriers are to make valid financial and operational decisions.
Each LTL/CIS carrier profitability cost model will contain unit costs and statistics developed directly from personal general ledger and operating data. Carriers using LTL/CIS for pricing may also have a separate model with budgeted or projected unit costs.
Each freight terminal will have a separate record in CIS containing specific terminal unit costs. Each terminal profile also contains specific P&D driving performance by run or location, and all outbound linehaul legs with the specific characteristics of each, including miles, cost, load, cube and balance adjustment.
Whether a customer’s needs are oriented toward profitability, analysis of existing traffic or the development of cost-based rates for pricing and traffic activities, LTL/CIS can be tailored to fit them precisely.

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